Durex advertises ‘hard but satisfying’ job

The Swedish branch of Durex has caused a surge of excitement after launching an advertising campaign appealing for condom testers.


There are apparently 1,000 positions available, with the only requirements being that applicants are aged between 18 and 30 and possess the potential to excite, a passion to excel and a sense of curiosity.


“We offer flexible working hours, a hard but satisfying job, no uniform or training needed, and you can come when you want – but preferably not prematurely,” the ad reads on the company website.  The application process requires to job seeker to explain why they would be the perfect condom tester, before answering a few additional sex-related questions.


“Even if the campaign is tongue-in-cheek, the mission is very serious,” said Durex category marketing manager Claus Albertsen in a statement. Albertsen did confirm, however, that the job isn’t completely fictitious, as those ‘employed’ will be asked to try out and help develop both protective and pleasuring products. “We are hoping that our testers will find it both safe and enjoyable to use a condom and that they will spread the good news further,” he said.


All applicants will be entered into prize draw, and those who are successful in gaining employment will be issued with a pack of condoms and a t-shirt declaring their new job title. All entries must be received by August, with official appointments announced in September.

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