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Some IceNews statistics (see the pictures below):

  • IceNews gets anywhere between 40.000 to 80,000 unique visitors per month according to Google Analytics and Piwik Analytics (Total unique visitors in 2018 just over 800k)
  • The top visiting countries are the US, the UK, Canada, Scandinavia and Western Europe.
  • The average visitor spends over 9 minutes on the site and reads two pages of content.
  • IceNews is picked up by aggregators such as Google News, Google Blog Search, Topix, WorldNews, EinNews and many more.
  • IceNews is one of two sources for the News in English section of, Iceland’s most popular website.
  • IceNews writes daily international news relating to the whole Nordic region. It focuses particularly on Scandinavian and Northern European people and companies.

Icenews age and gender

Around 85% of visitors are 25 or older (Taken from YWA)

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