Miniature bronze portrait of Alexander the Great unearthed in Denmark

Metal detectorists have recently unearthed a rare miniature bronze portrait of Alexander the Great, states

The discovery was made during survey work in Ringsted, located on the Danish island of Zealand. Upon discovery, the artifact was handed over to Museum West Zealand.

According to a statement by Museum West Zealand, the miniature portrait, known as a bracket, has a diameter of around an inch, is cast in bronze, and features an engraved portrait of a wavy-haired man wearing a crown of twisted ram horns.

Speaking to, Freerk Oldenburger, an archaeologist at Museum West Zealand, said the image is almost identical to another bracket portrait found years ago that contains the same stylized image.”

The aforementioned bracket portrait was found by a different group of archaeologists in Jutland, hidden among a stockpile of weapons and likely served as an “ornament worn on a silver shield mount — it was a way to show off, explained Oldenburger.

Image: Museum West Zealand