AI-generated blend of coffee launched at Finnish roastery

According to an article published by the AP, a coffee roastery based in Finland’s Helskini has introduced a coffee blend developed by AI in a new trial.

The roastery, Kaffa Roastery, has launched its new blend, “AI-conic”, aimed to ease the workload in a sector reliant on manual work.

The blend is a joint project between Kaffa and Finnish AI consultancy Elev. The blend is an AI-picked mixture of four types of beans from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Guatemala. In addition, AI created the package label for the coffee blend.

“Leveraging models akin to ChatGPT and Copilot, the AI was tasked with crafting a blend that would ideally suit coffee enthusiasts’ tastes, pushing the boundaries of conventional flavor combinations,” explained Elev.

Finland consumes the most coffee globally, at 12 kilograms per capita annually.