Old stock exchange building in Copenhagen breaks out in fire

The iconic old stock exchange building in Copenhagen, Denmark has broken out in a fire Tuesday morning, which has been at the heart of the country’s business for roughly 400 years.

According to footage of the fire, Børsen, known as the old stock exchange building, was engulfed in flames, with stunned onlookers shocked at the raging fire that took over the building’s 56-meter spire.

A spokesperson for the Copenhagen Police explained that there were people in the building when the fire started, but they were all evacuated. Fortunately, the Police have reported that the incident hasn’t caused any injuries so far.

“How touching it is to see how the employees at Børsen, good people from the emergency services and passers-by work together to rescue art treasures and iconic images from the burning building,” commented Jakob Engel-Schmidt, Denmark’s Culture Minister, on X.

The cause of the fire was not immediately known.

Photo: Penguin via wikipedia