Notorious detective defends dramatic child snatch

A controversial private detective from Poland has defended his decision to take a nine year-old girl from a Norwegian foster family in a ‘Hollywood-style kidnapping’.

Krzysztof Rutkowski, who has had his own TV series in Poland and has been imprisoned for making illegal arrests and suspected of money laundering and conspiracy, helped the girl’s parents take her from a family in Larvik Vestford last Wednesday night.

According to the Norwegian child welfare services, the girl, known as Nikola, had been neglected by her Polish parents, Arkadiuszem and Helena Rybka, who have lived in Norway for five years. After a night time ‘escape’ from her bedroom window using a motorised glider was deemed to be too noisy and dangerous, Nikola eventually climbed down to one of a number of waiting cars using a rope which had been thrown up by her father.

According to The Foreigner, the girl communicated with her parents and the detective via a smuggled mobile phone which was set to only gentle vibrate so as not to arouse suspicion. There was also a contingency plan to issue the girl with a GPS tracker disguised as a toy so she could be collected at another time.

Speaking to NRK, Rutkowski said, “I am prepared to travel to Norway to be questioned by the Norwegian police at any time, or do so at the Norwegian Embassy in Warsaw.” He added that the purpose of the “voluntary” operation, which was code-named ‘Larvik’, was “to free the girl from the Norwegian executioners”.

Mr Rutkowski claims the Polish Embassy in Norway was told about the operation; a fact which the mission refutes. He also claims that the action was legal, as the girl came to her parents of her own free will, but charges may still be brought by the Norwegian child welfare services.

The family travelled back to Poland by car, meaning the Norwegian police now have little leverage, according to the Rybkas’ lawyer Simen Tvedten. “I can confirm we are investigating this as a violation of Article 216 of the Penal Code, relating to illegal removal of a minor from its parents or people who have been given legal custody, in this case welfare services,” Inspector Magnar Pedersen of Vestfold Police told NTB.

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