How one company’s unique eco-friendly building system saves energy

How one company’s unique eco-friendly building system saves energy

While building systems are nothing new, Norwegian company EON Elements has gone out of their way to bring together a unique way of creating an eco-friendly building place, a system that can be reused and is energy efficient beyond anything in the market with the increasing relevance of a circular economy in mind.

The company’s impressive numbers speak for themselves, as there are 25% lower carbon emissions while building, 12% smaller carbon footprint from house operation and 45% less energy used for heating.

“We aren’t reinventing the wheel with our building system. We have only optimized traditional techniques, taken them to the next level (about time) and ensured that the final product is built to last. Because we have sustainability and social mindset we use traditional materials– wood, insulation, steam and wind barriers–that are sourced in an environmentally friendly way. In combination with our new method, it also makes eco-friendly buildings more economically accessible,” says Kjetil Sivertsen, CEO of EON and he continues, 

“The EON building system is energy efficient, insulates against external noise pollution and can optionally be delivered with greater fire-resistant properties. They are light to work with, something that, in many cases, eliminates the need for heavy machinery and best of all they can be customized.”

The company’s first house was built in 2019 and they will be showcasing their latest products at the “Bygg Reis Deg” trade fair in Lillestrøm this week.