SolarWinds hack exposes Denmark’s central bank

Earlier this week, a report has shown that Denmark’s central bank was compromised during the global SolarWinds hacking operation in 2020, leaving a “backdoor” to its network open for seven months.

It was noted that the hackers were unusually sophisticated and created modified code in SolarWinds’ network management software, which was downloaded globally by 18,000 customers. The hackers then used this information to create a backdoor for potential continued access, including the Danish central bank.

U.S. security firm Fire Eye discovered that a backdoor stood open at the Danish central bank for seven months.

The bank told Reuters that there were “no signs that the attack had any real consequences”, despite managing transactions worth billions of dollars each day.

Additionally, The SolarWinds attack hit Denmark’s financial infrastructure. However, those systems that were compromised were contained and analyzed once the hit was made apparent.