Norway to offer Niger 100 million Krone for increased food security

An agreement has been announced by the Norwegian government that is set to allocate 100 million Krone to provide healthy and nutritious food for the population of Niger.

This initiative is in connection with the launch of the Government’s new strategy for the Sahel region and a part of a joint project between Care Norway and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).

Dag-Inge Ulstein, Norway’s Minister of International Development, states, “This agreement will strengthen food security in one of Africa’s most vulnerable countries. Niger is one of our partner countries in the Sahel region and faces significant challenges relating to conflict, poverty, exponential population growth, and climate change. It is especially important to help steer farming activities in a more climate-resilient direction. I am pleased that we can support the continuation of Care Norway’s constructive project in Niger and make such good use of the widespread expertise of researchers at NMBU.”

The initiative is set to have a duration of five years to provide better and healthier food for 280,000 people through small-scale farming and a means of creating new jobs within the region. A vital aspect of the project is entrepreneurship training for women and young people.

The project will actively use social media, radio, and national television to ensure that the project becomes renowned throughout Niger.