Iceland and Norway strike trade deal with the UK

Iceland and Norway have struck a trade deal with the UK for digital paperwork that will reduce time and costs that now come with border bureaucracy post-Brexit.

The trade deal came after months of tough talks between the UK and Norwegian governments and has been labeled as pioneering in its scope and measures by securing tariff-free trade in industrial goods.

As part of the deal, Norway has reduced its duties in twenty-six areas of agriculture, such as cheese. The deal also allows caps on the charges mobile operators can charge each other for international mobile roaming, which is a world-first in a free trade deal.

Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, stated that it was vital to secure an agreement with the UK as the UK is Norway’s second-biggest trading partner outside of the EU.

The trade deal also allows highly skilled UK professionals to enter Norway and Iceland for business motives and includes recognizing various professional qualifications, including nurses, lawyers, and vets.