Norwegian Prime Minister fined for breaking COVID-19 rules

The Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, has been fined for breaking her own COVID-19 rules by ignoring social distancing during a birthday celebration with her family.

According to The Guardian, a police investigation was triggered after the public broadcaster NRK reported the incident.

Solberg has apologized for the event of her 60th birthday party, which took place in a mountain resort in late February with thirteen relatives, three more than the advised restrictions on gatherings.

“I’d like to say again that I’m sorry for breaking the coronavirus rules…I will accept the fine and pay it,” explained Solberg.

Although the police would not issue a fine typically, they explained that the Prime Minister had been at the forefront of the government’s work to impose restrictions.

Police Chief, Ole Saeverud, commented, “Though the law is the same for all, all are not equal in front of the law…It is therefore correct to issue a fine in order to uphold the general public’s trust in the rules on social restrictions.”

The fine was a total of 20,000 Norwegian Krone (1980 Euros).