BREAKING NEWS – Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

Breaking news

A volcanic eruption has begun in Iceland. Fagradals mountain on the Reykjanes peninsula gives a bright red glow in the evening dark as everyone in Iceland are following the latest news. This eruption is in the wake of a series of thousands of earthquakes, several large ones and multiple smaller ones in the past few weeks.

The Icelandic Met Office confirms the volcanic eruption as people have been calling them with notifications of seeing a red warm glow in the area where the earthquakes have been in the last few weeks. The Icelandic Coast Guard´s helicopter is on the way to the area and experts are on the scene as we speak. Local authorities are asking people to stay at home and not to try to drive near the eruption for safety reasons. Early predictions are in such a way that this will be a small volcanic eruption.

Updated 23:15

According to the Icelandic Met Office official the lava is heading in two different ways. One lava river is heading south and one lava river is heading west. With the lava comes dangerous gas. The wind is blowing west and authorities are asking people in the town of Þorlákshöfn to close their windows for the night just for safety and precaution. The first image from the eruption shows that the open area where lava is flowing from is roughly around 200m long and is narrow.