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Football in Sweden: VAR to be dismissed in country’s top football leagues 

Recently, the Chairman of the Swedish Football Association (SvFF), Fredrik Reinfeldt, has stated that Sweden’s top football leagues will not implement the sport’s VAR (Video Assistant Referee) after the technology saw backlash from several clubs voiced their opposition.

Representatives of the top two divisions of Swedish football, the Swedish Professional Football League, announced that the majority of the country’s clubs “actively opposed” the technology.

Speaking with Aftonbladet, Reinfeldt commented, “If I counted correctly, we have 18 elite clubs and two districts that have said they do not want to introduce VAR. “

“We respect that. That’s why we didn’t bring forward any proposal about VAR to the previous board of representatives meeting and I don’t foresee it in the future either. I stand by respecting the democratic rules of the game,” explained Reinfeldt.

Reinfeld was criticized for previously being in favor of VAR. However, he clarified that those comments were made during discussions that UEFA could make the technology mandatory.