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Abortion laws in Denmark: New deal formed to raise abortion limit to 18 weeks

The abortion limit in Denmark has been raised from 12 to 18 weeks as part of a new deal between the country’s government and the four other parties. This deal notes the first significant change in abortion law in 50 years in Denmark.

The leading Social Democrats, the Red-Green Alliance, the Social Liberal Party, and the Alternative Party have formally agreed to the new deal.

As part of a press release, Sophie Løhde, Denmark’s Minister of the Interior and Health, explained, “In terms of health, there is no evidence for the current week limit, nor is there anything to suggest that there will be significantly more or later abortions by moving the week limit.”

In addition, the new deal also will replace the five regional abortion bodies with a new, Aarhus-based, abortion board.

The new board will be introduced from the 1st July 2025, which will grant permission for abortions after the 18th week of pregnancy for special considerations.