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Norway’s Norwegian Intelligence Service confirms presence of Russian agents

It has recently been confirmed by the Norwegian Intelligence Service that the presence of multiple Russian agents have been operating in Norway.

In an interview with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Head of the Norwegian Intelligence Service in Western Norway, Torgils Lutro, alleged that these Russian agents may have been preparing for acts of sabotage in the country.

It was claimed by Lutro that the aforementioned agents were focused on gathering intelligence on the country’s preparedness routines, military installations and critical infrastructure. Potential targets for future attacks could have included naval bases and power facilities in the area.

Lutro explained, ”In Vestland (County), we have strongly suspected, but have also uncovered, hostile and unwanted Russian intelligence activities since the invasion of Ukraine in 2022.”

The Norwegian Intelligence Service has not yet fully disclosed the number of agents within Norway, but it has acknowledged that espionage activity from Russia has increased since the country invaded Ukraine.