Reykjavík Maritime Museum Opens New Exhibit with Special Promotion

Reykjavík is an extraordinary city to visit, and due to its proximity to the water, it is no surprise that there is a maritime museum that encapsulates its rich nautical history. The Reykjavík Maritime Museum is one of the top sights in Reykjavík and with a 15% discount on the entrance fee when signing up for the museum newsletter, it should be on every visitor’s list. Especially with the recent opening of the newest exhibit, Fish & Folk – 150 Years of Fisheries.

The first floor of the museum exhibits the captivating story of how the oldest shipwreck to be found off the coast of Iceland was discovered and the process of how the artifacts were recovered. The second floor features exhibits about the history of the Cod Wars and whaling as well as the vital fishing industry within Iceland. Also found on the second floor is a section dedicated to disasters at sea where unique items from four different maritime accidents are on display alongside their fatal tales at sea.

The Óðinn Coast Guard Vessel is one of the main exhibits of the oceanside museum, and it is a crowd favourite. Constructed in 1959, the ship played a significant role in all three Cod Wars. A guided tour is available where visitors are escorted through the ship as they listen to the history and see how sailors lived while on board.

With a 15% discount on the entrance fee when signing up for the museum newsletter, The Maritime Museum should be on everyone’s must-see list. The history and adventures at sea are brought to life, and every visitor will leave knowing more about the mighty ocean that surround the island.