Deliberations for a three-way coalition in Iceland

Chairmen of the Independence party, Bright Future and Resurrection formally started discussions about forming a government coalition last week. These deliberations have been slowly taking form in the past few days, though the three are moderately optimistic that they will find common ground, however this is expected to be clarified early next week according to reports and chairman of the Independence party, Bjarni Benediktssonm, confirmed that. The Independence party had the majority of the vote in the elections at the turn of the month, and the president handed him the mandate to form a majority government. The situation he faces to form a majority is unusually complicated.

Ottar Proppe, chairmen of Bright Future told Frettabladid’s reporter that even if the three parties have wildly different values and few in common, they are ready to sit down at the table and see where it leads. He also informed that the members of the parties have diverse views on the deliberations, some are flat out against collaborating with the Independence party. Proppe has been greatly criticised for even considering collaborating with the Independence party

The question about the European Union is thought to be the most complicated issue. Benedikt Johanesson, chairman for Resurrection hopes they’ll be able to find a solution to that. Channel two’s evening news yesterday reported that the EU question will most likely be presented in parliament again if the three manage to forma a coalition.