An outreach to help the eider duck (Video)

The beloved sea duck, the eider duck, that lives in the north Atlantic ocean, and breads on the northern cost of Europe and North America and the Northern coast of the UK remains a concern for conservationists’. The bird protection RSPB charity has called for help for the eider duck on the Northumberland coast. Even still, one thousand and threhundred years 1,300 years aftter the first laws to safeguard its future were introduced by St Cuthbert – it is believed eiders inspired the saint to create the world’s first conservation legislation in the eighth century, apparently decreeing that no one should eat or disturb those nesting on the Northumberland coast according to Eiders remain a cause for conservation concern. They are declining throughout Europe as a result of hunting, pollution and disturbance.

The eider´s relationship with Icelandic farmers

The eider population in Iceland has a symbiotic relationship with the farmers’ whose lands reach down to the cost where the beloved bird breads. The farmers pick their down and in turn protect the eider´s colonies. IceNews has previously reported on a documentary about the relationship and below is another one made by the Icelandic Eider association (founded in 1969) with the aim of respecting and protecting the Eider duck. The history of eiderdown harvesting is closely linked to Iceland’s history. Eider ducks have co-existed with Icelanders since the 9th century when the island was settled. In 1847, the eider became a fully protected species. The use of eiderdown and the culture of eider farming are rich with tradition. Today, researchers continue studying eider ducks according to information on the association’s website. If you’re interested in investing in a real eiderdown beware of false product, and responsible down use that doesn’t cause harm to animals.