Greenqloud takes final step in transition from Public Cloud to Cloud Software Provider

As of October 1, 2015,  Greenqloud’s public cloud services have been decommissioned. The company has herewith made the final step in its transition from public cloud provider to cloud software provider. Greenqloud’s journey from a small Icelandic startup to becoming a key player in the global IT industry hasn’t been a long one. When founded in 2010, Greenqloud was the world’s first public cloud provider (IaaS) powered by data centers using 100% renewable energy, but has now chosen a different path to the end goal.

While providing cloud computing services and data storage for thousands of users across 80 countries, the company evolved to meet a more cohesive, interoperable future for cloud operations: private, hybrid, and public cloud deployment. The advantage gained by many years of experience running a multi-tenancy platform environment enabled Greenqloud to develop its premier software, Qstack™, which became the company’s strongest asset to meet new demands on the market.

To avoid hindering Qstack’s adoption by competing against Greenqloud’s own customers, the company decided to focus all expertise and resources on Qstack. With the decommissioning of Greenqloud’s public cloud, the final step in this major transition has been taken and this chapter is now closed.

About Qstack 

Qstack is a cloud management platform that combines Greenqloud’s proprietary software with opensource components, hardening them to be able to meet the strictest security standards required by enterprise deployments. Qstack enables companies to deploy their own private, public or hybrid cloud and provides an excellent solution for service providers looking to offer their own public cloud services.