New hotspot for asylum seekers entering Finland

A former upper secondary school in Tornio, Finland has been converted into a so-called hotspot to receive refugees seeking asylum.

Intent on stepping up the registration and monitoring of new arrivals into the country, this new hotspot will employ dozens of police officers and bus operators have been advised of the new protocol.

Those seeking asylum will have to stay at the hotspot until the authorities have registered their arrival. Seeing as the centre can only accommodate 200 people, and most will have to spend a night or two before being transferred to reception centres, each person must be registered as soon as possible. Once registered the refugees will be allowed to collect groceries and they will have access to meals prepared and served in the school cafeteria.

Six additional reception centres will be opened in the coming weeks to receive asylum seekers from the Tornio hotspot. Päivi Nerg, a permanent secretary to the Ministry of the Interior, is hoping that the new hotspot will reduce the chaos in Tornio.