Sweden may be home to world’s oldest cat

A 29-year-old cat from the central Swedish town of Karlskoga is believed to be the world’s oldest cat.

The pet’s owner, Asa Wickberg, said Missan, who is to turn 30 in the spring, had some minor kidney and back problems but other than that is perfectly healthy. She revealed that she started to think she may have the world’s oldest cat when she read in the Guinness Book of World Records that Poppy, 24, from the UK was the oldest known living cat.

Wickberg explained that she took Missan in way back in 1985 after she had been abandoned. And despite being somewhat of a loner, the cat immediately got on well with the family dog, which accepted her into the family from day one.

She went on to say that although it is quite apparent Missan was an elderly cat these days, she was still relatively healthy except for the back and kidney problems, which have been helped by introducing new eating habits and using cortisone.

The owner said she was extremely confident her feline friend would make it to her 30th birthday, adding that it now felt highly likely.