Björk opens up on new album

Icelandic musician Björk has admitted that she was initially appalled by her new album, Vulnicura, because it was all about her break-up with long-term partner Matthew Barney.

The singer-songwriter explained that she began working on the album following her split from Barney after 13 years, so most the songs were about the heartbreak she was suffering. She admitted that out of all the albums she had done in her life, this was the one she was unable to control.

Björk, 49, said when she first listened to the songs after completing the album she was horrified because it was a “break-up album” and it made her feel like a “grumpy teenager”. However, she explained that she eventually realised that if she tampered with all the songs she would mess them up so she decided to keep them as they were.

She admitted that in the end she felt the best thing was to leave it as it was because that could allow her to move to the next stage of her life, so she was left with “the typical 10 heartbreak songs”. But she said although it was painful to release such an album, she knew that in two years’ time she would be feeling differently, adding that she was happy with the album now.