Anne Hathaway braves Iceland’s icy waters for new movie

Anne Hathaway braves Iceland’s icy waters for new movieHollywood star Anne Hathaway braved icy waters and risked hypothermia as she filmed her new space movie Interstellar in Iceland.

The actress was shooting a scene in a lake when icy water got into her dry suit. Not wanting to be the prima donna, Hathaway refused to complain, but she was forced to inform a crew member shortly after when she began to hallucinate.

The Oscar winner said later that she was wearing a dry suit, which kayakers wear in cold conditions, but they made a mistake by not closing it correctly. She explained that wearing the suit for hours on end while in the water with just a slight opening meant water managed to get in.

Hathaway said that they had been filming in the elements and many of the cast were in pain, but she was the only one in specific pain so didn’t want to hold things up. She explained that she started “feeling weird flashes” and got hazy around the edges, which was why she asked the nearby assistant director what the symptoms of hypothermia were.

She then told him how she was feeling and he informed the director (Christopher Nolan) told everyone to “roll right now”, adding that they finished shortly after.