Report: most Finns against later retirement

Report: most Finns against later retirementA recent survey has revealed that the majority of Finland’s population reject later retirement as a means of prolonging working careers.

The news comes via a new study commissioned by the YLE news agency, which showed that fewer than one in every five Finns – just 16 per cent – support the prospect of pushing up the age of retirement.

The results highlighted a number of political and demographic divides. Just 10 percent of respondents from the Social Democratic Party said they were in favour of later retirement; among Finns Party members, the figure was only about five percent. Conversely, around 25 percent of Centre Party respondents said that lifting retirement age is acceptable, whilst slightly more than one in every five National Coalition party members said they would support the move.

Meanwhile, about 20 percent of respondents aged in their 20s said the idea was acceptable, although the busy 25-34 age group was largely opposed to working longer, with just 10 percent supporting the proposition.

Among the most popular alternatives to the move was shortening the time required for studies, which gained support from about 40 percent of some 1,000 respondents