Left-wingers may face jail for right-wing snooping

As many as six members of left-wing research organisations may be jailed in Denmark for allegedly using illegal surveillance methods to obtain information about right-wing extremists and violence to disrupt their activities.

The country’s domestic intelligence agency, PET, carried out an 18-month investigation into the surveillance activities of Redox, and have confirmed that charges will be brought against at least one 25 year-old, according to the Copenhagen Post. Several members of the Antifascist Action (AFA) group are also accused of disrupting the meetings of right-wing groups by using violent methods. It is believed that AFA may have used information supplied by Redox to plan their attacks, with the 25 year-old acting as the go-between.

Banking details and PINs, as well as information on, and photographs of, the families and activities of far-right activists, were uncovered in a raid of Redox premises by police. They suspect that such details were obtained through covert surveillance.

Some of the information from the database has been used to smear high-profile figures in the Danish press. One case is that of Dan Jensen, who lost his job after being exposed by tabloid Ekstra Bladet as being an active member of the Danish Front.

Politiken also used the Redox information for a story about a secret right-wing network, known as ORG, last month. The organisation apparently has links to violent white power groups and wants to purge the country of immigrants.

Redox claim they obtained the information from a source within ORG, but Politiken acknowledged at the time of publication that the group was under investigation for illegal surveillance methods.