Man arrested for shooting at ‘alien invaders’

A man who fired several shots from his central Swedish flat when he thought he was being attacked by aliens has been charged with possessing an illegal weapon and threatening a police officer.

The 23 year-old said several UFOs, which had apparently come to kidnap him from his home in Dalarna, exploded after he fired at them.

Police were called by the mother of the man’s child on the evening of 15th July after he started ‘defending their home’ with live rounds. According to local newspaper Dala-Demokraten, it took several hours to talk the man down, and at least one more shot was fired at the imaginary spaceships before he gave up his weapon.

“We do not believe that the threats voiced were anything other than the desperation of a confused person,” wrote the police in a memorandum, according to Dala-Demokraten.

It is suspected the 23 year-old, who has a previous manslaughter conviction, may have been suffering from a severe psychiatric disturbance at the time of the apparent invasion.