The top things to do in Iceland

Things to do in Iceland (the simple list)

At Icenews, we like to help those travelling to Iceland and give them a list of things to do. Iceland is like a giant theme park, and even if you give yourself plenty of time, there’s always something that needs to be left undone; we hope this list helps you choose the right things to do. 

  1. If you feel you are seaworthy, go whale watching.
  2. The Icelandic horse is the only one in the world with five gates. Riding them is a unique experience (you need to know your way with horses to enjoy this one).
  3. This one is a bit of a drive. One of the gems of Iceland is the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. It is magical!
  4. Take a dip in a natural hot pool (hot springs). You will need a 4×4 and a map to find them. If you are not ready to do that, visit one of the local geothermal swimming pools and dive with the locals.
  5. See if you can do some glacier hiking or ice caving.
  6. You must check out the Northern Lights if you are in Iceland during winter (it can also be late fall or early spring).
  7. Check out snorkelling in Thingvellir National Park if you are up for it. Lake Thingvallavatn (Silfra) is very clear, and you can expect the fish living in it to come by and say hi.
  8. Geysir (sometimes known as The Great Geysir) in Haukadal and those around it are well known. However, fewer visit Gunnuhver Hot Springs and the UNESCO-listed Reykjanes Peninsula and Reykjanes Geopark (the Blue Lagoon is not far away).
  9. If you have time, check out the remote West Fjords of Iceland. Kayaking in Ísafjarðardjúp is an adventure or visiting the fisherman’s fishing village in Suðureyri.

Then there is Reynisfjara Beach (be careful), Raufarhólshellir (cave), Hallgrímskirkja (church in Reykjavik), Gullfoss Waterfall, the magical Thorsmork Valley, Landmannalaugar, Skaftafell Ice Cave, The Viking Village in the town of Hafnafjörður, Dyrhólaey and the fun nightlife of Reykjavik (expect Icelanders to arrive late to the party and stay until early morning).

Enjoy your stay in Iceland and remember, if you get lost in a forest, just stand up.

Photo by Tomáš Malík