Swedish Prime Minister gets in trouble for hosting cleaner with deportation order

Magdalena Andersson, the Prime Minister of Sweden, has got herself into trouble after a cleaner at her home was detained after being previously awarded a deportation order.

Swedish police were called to Andersson’s house after the burglar alarm was accidentally set off at her home. Upon arrival, police found that a cleaner in her property had previously been awarded a deportation order and worked there illegally.

In response, Andersson claimed that she had ended all contracts with the cleaning company. She was allegedly assured by the cleaning company that all of her employees were working legally.

Speaking to the Swedish newspaper, Expressen, Andersson explains, “Even those of us who want to do the right thing can fall foul of dodgy operators.”

The house, which is located in the municipality of Nacka within the greater Stockholm area, is Andersson’s family home. Andersson, who is the leader of the Social Democratic Party, has made reducing the illegal economy a focal point of her leadership.