Drone saves man in Sweden from heart attack

According to Everdrone, a 71-year-old man in Sweden was saved from a heart attack after a drone flew in a defibrillator while being resuscitated by a nearby doctor.

The Emergency Medical Aerial Delivery (EMADE) service by Everdrone is designed to deliver medical equipment as quickly as possible. The drone allows emergency dispatchers to send a device to the caller’s home, giving medical attention before the emergency services arrive at their home.

Luckily, a bystander that happened to be a doctor used the defibrillator on the man after providing CPR.

Everdrone CEO Mats Sällström comments, “This is an excellent real-world example of how Everdrone’s cutting edge drone technology, fully integrated with emergency dispatch, can minimize the time for access to life-saving AED equipment.”

During a four-month-long study testing the program, the service received 14 heart attack alerts that would be eligible for drones. Out of those, drones took off in 12 of the cases and successfully delivered 11 defibrillators.

Image: Everdrone