Rentals of electric scooters in Oslo to be reduced

Norway’s capital Oslo is set to reduce the number of electric scooters available for rent, which also includes a ban on rentals at night.

Due to a high number of scooter-related accidents over the summer, Oslo will be reducing the amount of electric scooter rentals permitted throughout the city – a city with the most electric scooters per inhabitant.

These new regulations mean that the number of scooters found dotted around the streets will be reduced to roughly 8,000 from the 30,000 that can be currently used.

Richard Kongsteien, Communications Director at Oslo’s Urban Environment Agency, told VG, “During the work on the regulations, we obtained figures from large cities and scooters. Oslo was miles above all other cities in the world in terms of the number of scooters per inhabitant.”

These new regulations were approved by Oslo City Council on 13th July 2021 but will not be enforced until September. Until then, Oslo is insisting scooter rental companies adopt these new regulations as soon as possible.