Danish capital aims to reduce litter caused by cigarettes

Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, has launched a number of initiatives aimed at reducing the litter caused by cigarettes, including portable ashtrays.

On Wednesday 21st July, the City of Copenhagen announced that it had supplied 300 cafes with free pocket ashtrays that can be used to throw away cigarette butts. The city explained that these pocket ashtrays would allow people to bin their cigarettes and not pollute the city and its nature.

It was noted that these pocket ashtrays can be emptied, carried around, and reused when necessary. Furthermore, they are easy to transport and do not emit any odors.

This initiative follows another one recently implemented by Copenhagen to reduce the litter caused by cigarettes on beaches. Both Amager Strandpark and Svanemøllen Beach have had stands containing ashtrays installed to urge smokers to borrow ashtrays rather than disposing of their cigarette butts in the water or the sand.

These ashtrays are in the shape of cones, which can be pinned within the sand to ensure that they do not blow away. Once finished, smokers are asked to bin their contents before placing them back on the stand for other beachgoers to use.