New family board game Mythical Island

Mythical Iceland, a new family board game

New family board game Mythical Island by Icelandic game designer Svavar Björgvinson from Gamia Games is now available for purchase in stores around the whole of Iceland. This could actually be an ideal “möndlugjöf” this year.

Mythical Island is a quick, easy, yet strategic tile-laying game for 2 – 4 players, for ages 8 years and older and takes 20 – 40 minutes to play. The game theme is connected with Icelandic landscape, Icelandic & Nordic folktales, and its mythical beings. Description and stories of each being can be found in the separate informative booklet called Mythiopedia, which is included in the game.

Mythical Island then supplements Svavar´s previous successfully published games Vikings (co-designed with Sölvi Sturluson Snæfeld), Rally, Bardagi, and The Xmas game and fulfills their motto:

“Life is a game, never stop playing!“.

In other words, to entertain players of all ages and experience.

Gamia Games is a network of connections and raw gaming energy where many different talents and individuals get together to create something special and unique since its start in 2015. Games developed and produced by Gamia games are designed by Icelandic game designer Svavar Björgvinsson, sometimes in cooperation with other designers.