JSC Gidrostroy Plant by Skaginn 3X launched by the Russian president

JSC Gidrostroy Plant by Skaginn 3X launched by the Russian president

Skaginn 3X, an Icelandic innovator of high-tech processing equipment, just launched a JSC Gidrostroy’s state-of-the-art pelagic processing plant in Russia. The company has decades of experience in a wide range of solutions for food processors and has become one of the leading company in the design and development of chilling, freezing and food processing solutions – this addition is another proof of that.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ceremoniously activated the plant, located on the island of Shikotan, from the Far East Economic Forum through a remote activation system.

President Putin was joined by Gidrostroy founder and chairman Alexander Verkhovskiy, who established the Kuril Island-based company in 1991 and has turned it into one of Russia’s largest pollock fishers and processors.

“We at Skaginn 3X are extremely proud to have the opportunity to participate in this historic modernization of Russia’s fisheries sector,” says Skaginn 3X Russian regional manager Pétur Jakob Pétursson. “This was a momentous project, exporting and transferring a 15-year legacy with extensive knowledge and innovation in the pelagic sector.”

“Our solution maximizes automation, gentle product handling and quality — triggering a competitive advantage that will undoubtedly result in increased demand and value,” he adds.