Sara H Amo surrounded by magic

Magic exists everywhere, I have seen it

Barcelona born photographer Sara G. Amo opens up an exhibition of her work next Thursday at Grófinn City Library in Reykjavik.

“Magic exists everywhere. I have seen it. I have felt it. It’s always all around us. It’s the wind whispering through the trees, the moss growing from a rock, the moon rising above a snow-covered mountain, the midnight sun painting the ocean red, the constant flowing of a river, the roar of a glacier. But above all, it’s within us. It’s our own perception of reality. Our willingness to see beyond. Our capacity to connect with all forms of existence on Earth. It’s our own heartbeat. Our own existence.” and she continues “Magic exists inside and outside us. We just have to believe to see it. We just have to open our hearts to feel it.” says Sara and continues “Iceland is the place where I had this revelation. There is a special energy here that really awakens something inside you, that makes you connect with yourself and all that surrounds you on a deeper level. It’s the force of nature, the power of the elements. A force that also exists within us.”

“Töfrum Slungin” is an Icelandic expression that means “to be surrounded by magic”. Her photographs are a reflection of Sara’s inner journey in Iceland, the women that she met and acted as a mirror of her soul, together with the places and forces of nature that took Sara to connect with her own magic.