Pokemon Go

Icelandic tour company offers Pokemon Go Tours

The Icelandic tour operator Reykjavik Excursions has set up a Pokemon Go Tour, which will be a city tour in capital area of Reykjavik. This type of tour is a first as far as Einar Bardarson Reykjaviks Excursions Operations Manager is aware. According to Bardarsson time is of the essence when these types of trends arise.

„We usually take a long time planning and developing tours such as this one, however in these types of situations, if you want to be the first to offer this type of service you have to move fast“.

The tours will be accompanied by experienced Pokemon trainers which will guide the tours to hot locations in Reykjavik where rare and popular Pokemon’s tend to spawn, . The tour will be once a week every Friday, with the first trip commencing tomorrow on Friday 29th of July and according to sources the first Icelandic Pokemon characters have been developed for Reykjavik Excursions for this special tour.

These are of course the puffin Puffy – The Blue Water Puffin, the Icelandic horse Norton – The Northern Light Pony and the ram Rampage – The Curly Lava Ram.

Picture taken from the Pokemon Go Wikipedia page.