Heavy rainfall at Dettifoss waterfall a concern for visitors

Heavy rainfall at Dettifoss waterfall a concern for visitors

Relentless rainfall at Iceland’s Dettifoss waterfall has washed the sand off walking paths, leaving a slippery surface that is potentially hazardous for visitors.

The scenic waterfall in the northern Vatnajokull National Park is one of Iceland’s most popular tourist destinations; however, the persistent rain has left the surface extremely slippery and two tourists sustained minor injuries this week after falling near the waterfall.

Park rangers have since temporarily cordoned of the area at which the accidents took place due to concerns over the safety of visitors. Park authorities have said that as the walking paths have been washed away, they need to make sure the trails are safe again before they can allow visitors back on.

People visiting some of the country’s most scenic natural landscape are urged to stick to designated walkways as conditions can often be dangerous. Even if a route appears to be navigable, authorities want travellers to stick to the official parks, both for their own safety as well as to preserve the natural landscape.

The Dettifoss falls are the largest in Iceland and said to be the most powerful in Europe at 100 metres wide, plunging 45 metres into the Jokulsargljufur below.