For sale house unwanted due to genital-themed name

For sale house unwanted due to genital-themed name

A house in Sweden has remained on the market for over 1,000 days, leading to a number of people saying it could be because it has a name deemed rude in the Swedish language.

A two-bedroomed home in the Scandinavian country would typically be snapped up straight away because of a longstanding housing shortage. However, despite being offered at a low 42,000 kronor, this particularly property has been on the market for more than three years – and it may just be because of its genital-based address.

The house is situated in the Snorrslida, a small village near Laholm. And although the village’s name sounds innocent enough to English readers, when it is translated into Swedish it means ‘penis vagina’.

When the property went on sale in Sweden, the advert went viral, with many Swedes having previously been completely unaware that there was a village with such a name in their country.

However, despite the speculation that no one want to live in ‘penis vagina’, estate agent Henrik Hakansson believes there is another reason people are not bidding for the house. He noted that the village was not in a good state of repair and needed a lot of work to develop it, which he insisted was the main reason behind the lack of interest.

Hakansson, who works for Dansk Ejendoms Consult, a company that helps potential Danish buyers relocate to Sweden, said that although the two languages were similar in many respects, Danish people did not have the same association with the word.

The estate agent still believes they can sell the house, but admitted that the area was small and didn’t have many customers. He added, however, that they were able to sell it a decade ago and remained hopeful they could do so again.