Denmark coast with houses

Love thy neighbor; not in Denmark

Most Danes have admitted that their relationships with their next door neighbours are far from rosy, with many saying that the people on the other side of their walls actually annoy them.

A recent survey by found that two in three Danes were wound up by their neighbours, whether it be for their crying babies, loud parties or barking dogs. head of communications Birgit Daetz was optimistic about the results, noting that it was positive that one in three respondents were happy with their neighbours because it showed people could be good at living side by side. However, he admitted that the fact two in three were annoyed with their neighbour could suggest that Danes were not so good at solving disputes with those next door to them.

The survey revealed that 24 per cent were angry about the noise that came from their neighbours’ premises, while 11 per cent were irritated by their pets. Winter is also seemingly not a great time for neighbour relations, with 10 per cent angered by chimney smoke, while nine per cent were irked by noisy kids or babies.

Some seven per cent complained about rubbish and messiness, and a further four per cent felt their neighbours did not respect their property divide.

Meanwhile, a similar survey taken earlier found that more than one in three people were thinking about moving or had already relocated because of their neighbours.