Norwegian doctor faces sack for ‘sexting’ patient

Norwegian doctor faces sack for ‘sexting’ patientA female Norwegian doctor could find herself out of a job after she was found to be sending messages of a sexual nature to a male patient.

The Norwegian Board of Health Supervision (Statens helsetilsyn) is to discuss whether the doctor, from Telemark, should have her authorisation cancelled for abusing her position. Reports state that she told the patient she would give him prescribed medicine in exchange for sex.

Police and the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision began investigating the matter in November last year, when the patient filed a complaint about the doctor’s behaviour. They confiscated the phones of both the doctor and the patient, before finding that the doctor talked about sex on several occasions.

In August, the doctor apologised to the board for her error, admitting that she had made many mistakes in her contact with the patient in question. She described her communication for a doctor-patient relationship as “unacceptable” and said she was “sincerely” sorry.

She has since stressed that there was never a physical relationship with the patient and that she just wanted to help him. Meanwhile, the board will not push for her to be prosecuted.