Game of Thrones cast shoot fourth season in Iceland

game-of-thrones-xbox1Around 300 cast and crew members from the popular TV drama Game of Thrones spent two weeks at Iceland’s Thingvellir National Park, shooting for the upcoming fourth season.

The show’s production company had to request a special permit in order to film in the park, which includes Iceland’s largest natural lake, rare geological wonders and scenic mountain ranges.

Series producer Chris Newman said that the world they’re creating in Iceland is going to be the Westeros world in the drama. He explained that they intend to add it to the landscape they currently use in Northern Ireland for the Westeros world, but that they don’t want to exploit it and use geological formations that don’t exist in the British country.

Newman went on to say that the part of the story filmed in Iceland will follow one of Westeros’s most dangerous warriors, Sandor Clegane, and the bold young character Arya Stark as they head through the wilderness in search of a castle. He explained that they wanted to film that particular scene in Iceland as the rift on the way to the castle must have an impassible look to it, which the one in question does.

It is not the first time the cast and crew have travelled to Iceland to film parts of the show. Scenes from around ‘the wall’ and white-walker territory have also been shot in the North Atlantic country. Mývatn Lake, Svínafellsjökull Glacier and Höfðabrekka Heath have all been used in the past.

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