Cobra bite victim can keep his snakes

snake littleA Swedish man who was recently bitten by his cobra has been told by authorities that he can keep his 40 pet snakes as they are safe and feeling good in his flat.

The owner of the venomous creature had to stay several days in hospital following the bite. He remained conscious for enough time to call the authorities and let them know he had been bitten as well as identify the reptile that bit him before falling unconscious.

When paramedics arrived at the man’s Gothenburg apartment they discovered 40 venomous snakes inside including a taipan, the deadliest snake in the world. Police later refused to enter the residence.

Inspectors from the local administrative board and a snake expert at the natural history museum went to the man’s apartment after he was released from hospital. He was informed that he could keep his pets after answering a number of questions about their welfare satisfyingly.

Authorities decided after the inspection that the man could keep the snakes as pets and assured neighbours that there was no chance of them escaping.

The county administrative board’s animal welfare checks’ group leader said the snakes are being kept in the right temperature and are perfectly healthy. She said there should be no reason for neighbours to worry as they are being kept in containers and can’t escape.