Supporter bequeaths EUR 500K to Finnish Olympians

finnishflagsFinland’s Olympic champions are to be the recipients of a substantial gift from one adoring fan. According to a YLE report, some EUR 500,000 had been set aside for the top Finnish competitors in the estate of a recently deceased Finnish woman.

The unnamed woman, born in 1936, is said to have been a solitary individual who cared deeply for the country’s best national athletes and wrote them into her will two decades ago. She had been listening to the Olympics on the radio since her youth and took time to thank all Finnish Olympians in her will, particularly those that have emerged victorious.

Each winning Olympian will receive approximately EUR 10,000 from the estate, according to reports. The youngest gold medal winner in the Scandinavian country is 31-year-old skier Jaakko Tallus, whilst the oldest living champion is Lydia Wideman, another skier who is now aged 93.