Mother of Norwegian PM passes

Karin Stoltenberg, mother of Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and well-known philanthropist, passed away late on Tuesday 16 October.

An official statement released on Wednesday said, “It is with regret that the Prime Minister’s Office must announce that Karin Stoltenberg, the Prime Minister’s mother, passed away last night after several months of illness,” The Foreigner news agency reports.

During her life, Karin Stoltenberg mothered two other children in addition to the Prime Minister via her marriage with prominent Norwegian political figure Thorvald Stoltenberg. She was a well-known philanthropist and had spent considerable time working with the Red Cross. She also served as the Norwegian Labour Party’s secretary of state, the country’s deputy minister of trade, and the director general of the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family Affairs.

Among her most notable feats, Karin wrote Norway’s whitepaper on changing abortion laws.

She said to the NRK news agency at the time, “The major difference in the lives of women is access to contraception and abortion. It has changed women’s lives more fundamentally than anything else has. What we call emancipation could not have occurred whatsoever without control over their own fertility.”

In addition to Thorvald and Jens, Mrs Stoltenberg leaves behind her two daughters – Nini and Camilla – as well as four grandchildren.




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