Jeff Monroe of Verne Global happy with green data center in Iceland

Jeff Monroe, the CEO of Verne Global, has expressed his happiness with the company’s green data center at Ásbrú Enterprise Park in Iceland and expects more data centers to be established in the country in the near future.

Verne Global’s data centre campus in Iceland is 100 percent carbon neutral, drawing commercial power from renewable energy sources – hydroelectric and geo-thermal – whilst utilising the country’s natural temperatures to provide free cooling. The facility is the world’s first zero-emission data center powered by dual-sourced renewable energy.

“We opened our doors for business and went live in the first quarter of this year. Now we are busy installing customers and continuing to grow the business in Iceland. Ultimately, our campus is capable of supporting over 100 megawatts of IT load so our plans are pretty big for the campus. I think it is going to be dependent upon customer demand and how quickly that demand flows as to how quickly we achieve that.”

Foreign companies planning on building data centers in Iceland have not followed through on their initial interest; however, Monroe believes that the situation in Iceland is advantageous for the data center industry and expects to see further growth.

Monroe added, “The dynamics are so attractive in Iceland that we anticipate to see additional data center companies pop up over time.”

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