Slippery Swedes branded butter bandits

Two Swedish men have been apprehended by Norwegian police after they were caught smuggling butter across the border in the hope of profiting from the ongoing Norwegian shortage.

The slippery characters were found with 250kg of the contraband spread, which they were planning to churn out for SEK 250 (EUR 28) per 500g a pack, according to reports.

Both men were taken to the police station for questioning, and soon admitted that they had driven to the country from the Swedish ski resort of Storlien in an attempt to take advantage of Norway’s staple shortage. Police caught up with the butter bandits, however, after a tip off from locals.

”They have confessed that they have bought butter in Sweden to sell at a profit in Norway. They were hoping to make some money from selling butter to Norwegians,” legal counsel Amund Sand told the paper.

”We have heard of black market prices, and it was not a surprise that this happened,” Pettersson Ruud added.