Travel firm offers authentic Inuit experience…..almost

An Icelandic holiday company is promoting a unique vacation experience in Greenland, offering visitors the chance to live like Eskimos, with the addition of a few home comforts. Luxury Adventures, which provides slightly cushy adventure tour holidays in Scandinavia, is currently advertising a four-day trip on which travellers will be transported by local guides with dog sleds and sleep in igloos on a frozen fjord.

The igloos have all been built by the native Inuit of East Greenland using traditional methods, but will be fitted with other untraditional appliances such as gas heaters and lanterns. For travellers craving the ultimate luxury, certain packages can also be arranged which include hot showers, furniture and even flushing toilets.

According to the company, the domed ice houses are big enough for couples or even a family of four if they don’t mind getting cosy. Guests will be given animal furs to sleep on as well as high-grade sleeping bags for those who are not so hardy.

The trips are all fully catered, with food cooked outside on camping stoves and served up using dog sleds as tables.

(Photos: Anders Peter Amsnæs)