Council candidate calls for asylum seeker testing after Oslo rapes

A lead candidate for the upcoming local elections in Oslo has caused controversy by calling for all new asylum seekers to be psychologically tested after a string of rapes in the city. Libe Rieber-Mohn, who is the front runner for the Labour Party seat at Oslo City Council, called for the extreme measures after four rapes were reported within five hours between Saturday 2nd April and the early hours of the following morning.

“The vast majority of rapes are committed by men with backgrounds other than Norwegian,” Rieber-Mohn said in an interview with VG. In contrast, researcher at the city’s Police College, Ragnhild Bjornebekk, said personality disorders are apparent in most sexually violent criminals.

Meanwhile, police have confirmed that they are currently testing DNA evidence from the victims in an attempt to decipher whether any of the women were attacked by the same man. It is suspected that three of the crimes were the work of a single perpetrator, but the results are likely to take two weeks to process.

The fourth rape is thought to have been committed by two men, while a fifth, which occurred on the following Tuesday, has already seen one suspected arrested and released.

News of the rapes has caused anxiety among much of the Norwegian capital’s female population, with retailer Clas Ohlson already reporting that they have completely sold out of defence sprays at their city centre store. According to national broadcaster NRK, many women also carry illegal pepper sprays.

The Night Ravens, Oslo’s volunteer civilian patrol force, has promised to step up their efforts in the affected areas. Oslo Council has also offered to install more lighting in the unsafe neighbourhoods.