Couple die in shower electrocution

A Swedish couple have died after apparently being electrocuted while taking a shower together in a hotel room in Thailand. The 23 year-old woman and the 25 year-old man were found dead on Saturday 2nd April by their friends from a neighbouring room, who rushed in after hearing a scream.

“One of the friends ran in, but found both of them dead. When she tried to revive her friend, she received an electric shock,” a family friend told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

The deaths, which took place in southern Thailand in the beach resort of Krabi, have been confirmed by the Swedish Foreign Ministry. According to personnel at the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok, police believe that the couple’s shower became electrified.

The group of four travellers, all of whom came from a village in Jamtland, northwest Sweden, were beginning a month-long trek in Asia when the tragedy occurred. The second couple have now decided to cut the trip short and return to Sweden.

According to Aftonbladet, a 34 year-old man from Stockholm was also electrocuted to death by the shower in his Thailand hotel room in 2007. He was staying in the beach resort of Patong.

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