Hard time a doss for young Danish cons

Young Danish criminals actually prefer being in prison than at home and see their incarceration as a holiday, according to a new report. The study, which was conducted by Prof Inge M Bryderup of the Danish School of Education, found that many young jail birds cannot relate to the concept of doing hard time.

“I don’t think of it like a punishment. The opposite actually – it’s more like a holiday,” said 18 year-old Zaid – one of the study’s 14 participants. “It is the best place to go and take a break. Right now I actually wouldn’t mind getting in and just having a rest for a month,” he added.

As well as an escape from family life, the subjects interviewed by Bryderup said there were also other advantages to going to prison, such as cable TV and three meals a day. “Presumably these are some things that have been missing in their upbringing,” said the professor.

Bryderup added that many of the young people in the study – all of whom come from disadvantaged families where criminality, violence and abuse often played a part in their childhoods – failed to see the connection between their crimes and their upbringings. “Many of their fathers have committed big crimes, and have served long prison terms, but the kids do not grasp that they have inherited the same pattern,” he said in a report by the Copenhagen Post.

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