Six year-old boy stabbed for wearing pink

A six-year-old Swedish boy has been stabbed in the neck at a preschool after becoming the target of bullies for liking pink, nail polish and ballet. According to local newspaper Jonkopings-Posten, the youngster, known only as Oskar, sustained an injury after being struck with a blunt knife in the playground.

Oskar, who lives in Jonkoping, central Sweden, had previously complained to his parents that he was excluded by the other children, dragged from the school’s climbing frame and called names such as “gay” and “a girl” by his fellow playmates.

The six year-old’s parents have now removed their son from the school after claiming they were not informed about the latest clash, which teachers described as a “small incident”.

“I don’t want to have my child at a school which considers a stab with a knife to be a ‘small incident’,” Oskar’s mother told Jonkopings-Posten. The matter has also been reported to the country’s Schools Inspectorate.

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